This programs serves to provide job training in various areas such as but not limited to: Customer Service, Business Etiquette, Interviewing, & Employee Relations. Upon completion of job training, we find a great launching pad for the student to begin work. Employers are confident in knowing that a student leaving MyPlace.Net has sufficient knowledge to complete the task at hand.


This program has been initiated to help families find affordable housing within our local communities. We have been successful in placing five families in affordable housing and provided food, funding for fuel and/or transportation to & from work once placed in the home. After partnering with our various programs, three of those five families have moved forward to self-sufficient and stable homes.


Homelessness stems from the lack of affordable housing.  Gentrification, increasing rents, destruction of traditional low-income housing, and State/Federal cuts in available aid programs is threatening the availability of affordable housing.


The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty (NLCHP) has identified the Lack of Affordable Housing as one of the fundamental causes of homelessness.


Eliashib partners with philanthropist, and use the capital raised to make all necessary repairs and upgrades to meet and surpass minimum housing standards, and provides quality living at an affordable price for eligible families.


We strive to improve the quality of life and wellness for citizens of our local communities by creating an integrated economic development and rehabilitation plan that will meet the needs of those who live in and around the communities in which we are able to serve.  We believe that providing housing by itself is not enough.  As social engineers & socially conscious entreprenuers, we must make available quality affordable housing that will instill a sense of pride within the residential community.  By increasing the aesthetic integrity of the community, its residence will strive to maintain and continue to improve their community, making affordable housing communities more than an “urban ghetto.”


MySpace properties are increasing daily and  our properties enjoy a an annual average 93% occupancy rating.